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Important Phone Numbers

Pacific Gas & Electric: (800) 743-5000
Comcast: (800) 984-2824
Sunset Scavenger: (415) 330-1300
Golden Gate Disposal: (415) 626-4000
AT&T (800)288-2020
Dept of Parking & Traffic – Dispatch (415) 553-1631 (Blocked driveways, sidewalks, etc.)
(415) 553-1200 Main (Residential Permits)    
San Francisco Police Department (415) 558-3268 non-emergencies


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need something repaired?
All maintenance requests can be made by calling (415) 681-1265.  We will work with you to find a convenient time for a repairperson to make any repairs needed.


What do I do if there is an emergency and George Goodwin Realty is closed?
There is always a property manager on call.  You should call our office at (415) 681-1265 and our greeting will give you a cell phone number of the property manager on call.


Can I pay my rent online? 
Rent cannot be paid with a credit card.  However you can set up an account with us to have your rent automatically deducted from your checking account on the first business day of every month.  In order to do this you must first complete an authorization form and return to our office with a voided check.  To download this form, please click here.


Can I drop my rent off outside of business hours?
Yes.  We have a drop box on the side of our building on Lawton Street.  Any rent checks dropped after 5:30 pm will be received the following morning.


What should I do if I am planning on moving?
Provide us with a 30-day written notice to vacate.  This letter should have your name, address, date of departure and your signature.  You may also provide us with the address that you would like your security deposit mailed to.  This letter may be mailed to us, faxed or delivered in person.


After I have moved out, how long will it take to get my security deposit back?
Your security deposit will be mailed within 21 calendar days after you have moved out and keys have been returned to our office.


I locked myself out of my apartment.  What should I do?
If you have locked yourself out during normal business hours you have two options 1)Come to our office and borrow a key from our office (collateral will be required until key is returned) 2)A property manager can meet you at your home and let you in.  The fee for this service is $25.00

If you have locked yourself out outside of normal business hours you have two options 1) Call (415) 681-1265.  Our greeting will give you the cell phone number of the property manager on-call.  Our property manager may be able to let you in.  The fee for this service ranges from $65.00-$125.00 or 2) Call a locksmith


How do I put utilities in my name?
All you will have to do is call the utility company and give them your address and tell them that you just moved in and you would like to change the utilities to your name and mailing address.


San Francisco Realty Office

George Goodwin Realty
1901 Lawton Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone (415) 731-9350

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