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Some New Rules For California Property Owners and Property Managers in 2024

Here in 2024, California continues to reduce protections, increase business costs, and generally make being a landlord more difficult, for Property Owners and Property Managers. AB 12 passed,

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Property Owners and Property Managers Beware

California recently passed a law prohibiting Property Managers and Property Owners from using a person's credit history to qualify potential tenants if they have a Government Rental Subsidy. 

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Supreme Court May Hear A Rent Control Challenge?

It may be too good to be true, but according to an article in the Apartment Owners' Association News, the Supreme Court may hear a challenge to New York's Rent Stabilization Law.  Were the

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Vacancy Tax Arrives in San Francisco

Beginning January 1, 2024, San Francisco implements a "Vacancy Tax" on property left vacant for more than six months of one year.  For now, this law applies to residential buildings with three

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