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I had always wondered how a realty management company could have such high reviews since people on Yelp love to complain and as a management company I know they deal with mostly issues and complaints. Somehow, people seem to forget all of the great things and focus on one negative issue (see below). Ah, human nature. Now I know even more why they have great reviews. They are a super team. We moved to a lovely new place that is sadly managed by another company. While our apartment is great, I am so used to the exceptional service and caring staff at George Goodwin that I am always quite surprised at the lack of concern with the current company. From our move in, to our move out 5 years later we had nothing but caring service. We had a very fair move out because we did APPROVED improvements and left the place in better shape than it was. They did not have to pay us back for some of it, but they did because they are so fair. We miss you and your whole team and hope that you can train our current management company on how to care.

Rachelle B.

I've been meaning to demonstrate some public display of affection for GGR for the past two years and finally, after calling to see if they could help us with a persistent bum-rummaging-through-garbage issue and having the representative be SO HELPFUL I just couldn't put it off one more second.

We've been leasing from these guys since September 2010 and they have been nothing but super helpful, straightforward, communicative and thorough. Their amazing team has helped me resolve drain issues, pigeon's roosting in the stairwell, my paranoia about the old electrical, they've replaced parts of our balcony proactively and just fostered a sense of safety and security in our building. This is the first place I moved out of college and I am constantly bombarded by other SF residents' horror stories about landlords and realtors and it just makes my life so much better to have a reliable group of people advocating for your happiness and ease of living. So anyways, these guys are really making the extra effort and that to me is invaluable.

Shannon H.

George Goodwin Realty manages my Father's Properties.

They do an excellent job. Everything is documented. They are always available to address any property owner concerns.


I've hit lows with my landlords experiences in the past, and am now ecstatic to be renting from GGR.

These guys are courteous, professional, honest and prompt. It is pretty obvious that tenant satisfaction is high on their list of priorities. I could not recommend these guys more.


I have rented property managed by the team at George Goodwin for about nine years.

My experience has been positive across the board. They are responsive, helpful, and just plain nice. When I need a repair, they send someone out immediately. I had an issue with my toilet, submitted a maintenance request online, and a plumber was at my house 45 minutes later. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with George Goodwin!

Meghan D.

I have rented with Goodwin Realty for literally decades - I highly recommend them.

You really get the sense that they care about their customers as well as the tenants. They are quick to fix things and handle problems with a wonderful mix of professionalism and pleasantness. It helps that they are great folks

Therese P.

I've been a tenant at a property managed by George Goodwin Realty for the past 2 1/2 years.

Chris of George Goodwin Realty has been great - very attentive to any problems with the house. Always professional - and respectful of privacy.

Brian S.

I've been using Goodwin Realty to manage several buildings in S.

F. and I couldn't be happier. I feel that every aspect of the business is being managed with the utmost care. Chris is always available and responsive to my questions. Maryrachel not only manages the finances and pays the bills, but she also alerts me when something doesn't look right. Christopher lets me know when there is a problem with any of the buildings and simply gets the problem fixed without any fuss. I can't tell you what a change this is from our last management company. Lastly, George seems to have his finger on the pulse of everything that goes on in the office and can answer question that comes up. It's not often that you see a management company receive five stars from both tenants and landlords, but Goodwin Realty is the exception. They are a pleasure to do business with.

Ann W.

This property management company is the best one that I've rented from, ever, in all my apartment renting experiences in SF, Toronto, Vancouver, London UK.

...They were honest, up front, and most importantly, responsive to every minor problem that I phoned them or faxed them about. They put effort into the move-in condition of the apartment. Then when I moved out, the cleaning charge I paid was half what I paid to previous landlords. They were also more accommodating about the timing of my vacating the apartment than they had to be by law, which I really appreciated because it removed stress from my life. Too bad I had to leave the apartment because they were the best landlords.

Maureen C.

My boyfriend and I have looked at dozens of places and Christopher at George Goodwin Realty was a breath of fresh air.

We didn't get the apartment (due to our inability to act fast enough!) but Christopher demonstrated a level of service that I haven't witnessed in all our other dealings. He was transparent; he made sure we knew that someone had already applied for the unit and that we might not get it. He left me a voicemail explaining that the landlord accepted the other person's application and even followed up with a text making sure I got his voicemail. It's the little gestures that can make a difference and I greatly appreciate this level of service.

Julia B.

I have worked with chris 2 times on property management issues and tenant placement.

He's honest, upfront, and gives really good advice.

SF Native M

George Wiley of George Goodwin Realty has managed our rental home near City College since 2007, and my only regret is that we didn't ask him to take over management sooner.

Long time tenents left, and the place needed a lot of deferred maintenance. GW knew who to call: flooring, electrician, paint, garden, windows and finally cleaning. All of the work got done efficiently and successfully. When the place was ready GW found tenents. When tenents left GGR managed the process, inspecting, refunding deposits, keeping us informed. He oversaw a few repairs, and then quickly got the place rented again. GGR manages repairs and works with the tenants on an ongoing basis. A large tree branch blew down over a weekend. GGR was right on it. The tree had to be removed, and that needed to be coordinated with PG&E. GGR coordinated everything. We are kept informed and given copies of all bills with our monthly statements. We wish they used email more readily, but that is a very small price to pay for such excellent service.

Laurie S.

I've been living in a building managed by George Goodwin for the past year and a half and I have nothing but great things to say about them.

They're extremely responsive to any need, in a very helpful and thoughtful way. I had a plumbing issue a few months ago and they were able to send in a team to fix it within a day. They care about the tenants living in their buildings and, considering the horror stories out there, GGR is a fantastic management company.

Jeff S.

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